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おもにライフサイエンスデータベース統合TVのめも日記です。BioやScienceに興味がある小学生〜大人の方までどうぞご覧ください。 普段は細菌とたわむれています。(・▽・)。【分子細菌学/togotv/サイエンスデータベース】統合牧場から放牧中です。

How to write paper of science

Firstly, perfect the hypothesis figures.

Secondly, at the same moment when you perfect that figures while experimenting, please start to write the followig items.

1. Material and Methods and Introduction and Abstruct


Thirdly, At the same time that something is compleated, please write the paper as follows.


1. Results and Abstruct

2. Discussion  (At first, please write each particular theory.)

3. Cover-letter